"I have nicknamed Isys "the dog whisperer". She is totally amazing. We border trained our adorable, but very stubborn, English Springer Spaniel Alex for two weeks with her. What she taught him in that two weeks was nothing short of amazing. She not only is a great trainer, but a great communicator.. with texts, photos and videos so I knew the progress he was making every step of the way. Every dog has their own strengths and challenges, and Isys works with the dogs strengths to overcome their less than desired behaviors. I am so grateful to her for all she has done and look forward to our follow up session.. Highly recommend her. She did a "meet and greet" session before we sent Alex for training, which really helped me be comfortable with sending Alex to train with her." - Nancy K. & Alex ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

"Isys did a fantastic job with our 11 week old Wheaten Terrier Bailey. We sent Bailey to Isys for a 9 day board and train session and Bailey came back a different pup! He's learned obedience skills such as name recognition, sit, down, walking, wait for his food, and more! Isys also did a wonderful job sending us daily updates via text and videos. Bailey had a great time also playing with the many dogs and pups Isys had introduced him to. He's a much more confident and obedient puppy now; thanks Isys!" - George L. & Bailey ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

"Isys is an incredible dog trainer. Our yellow lab has spent two separate weeks in her care (at 7 months and 11 months) and has made incredible strides. The first week he learned basics, sit, stay, go crate, leave it, and drop it, as well as work on recall and healing. He was with us for 4 months in between sessions and then went back for a second session. He has been home for a week since his second session and his recall is now much much improved as is his healing. He really seems to understand these commands which make our life so much easier. He also worked on leaving and dropping items in the yard (which is important for us with a young family and lots of toys outside which are not for him). Isys is a warm and gentle trainer who clearly loves dogs and training them. She is able to achieve great results in a calm and understanding manner. Our dog goes running to her the moment she arrives and is always so happy to see her. She has worked hard with our whole family to help train the puppy. She has helped my husband and me with our command over the dog but she has also taken the time and interest to help our young children learn how to safely and effectively participate in his training. She is truly a gift to our family and I would recommend "She's a Keeper" to anyone looking to train their family dog. She also goes above and beyond the duties of your typical trainer. She offered to pick our puppy up from our house when nobody was home, took him to a puppy play date, introduced him to swimming for the first time, and dropped him off again, just because she thought he would enjoy the experience! You can't ask for more than that! Thank you Isys!" - Gretchen B. & Sonny ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

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"We recently rescued a dog just before heading out of town for a 5-day trip. We needed some training but also needed someone to take care of our new dog as we didn'’t want to place him back in a kennel. Lucky for us we found Isys. Isys came to our home for a visit prior to his official pickup. She spent an hour or so answering our questions and getting to know our dog Brodie. A few days later Isys came by to pick Brodie up for his weeklong stay with her. Isys sent us pictures and nice notes each day while we were away. I could text and ask questions…she was quick to respond. She had Brodie on hikes, playing with other dogs and lounging on her bed. Yesterday, Isys dropped off Brodie. He seemed very happy and had even learned a few new tricks. He was so happy, he appeared sad to see her leave. Isys seems like a really great person. I would highly recommend using her for training or a train/board situation." - Mark K. & Brodie ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆

"I was a little hesitant to send my dog off to Isys because when I looked over her Facebook page it didn't seem as though she had as much experience as some of the other trainers who I spoke with. I talked with her by phone and explained what we were struggling wiht with our 10 month old Goldendoodle. Following our conversation, I felt comfortable with her training methods and decided what the heck - everyone starts out with fewer clients. I am SO glad I made the decision to go with her. I asked her about her background and experience and she has been training dogs since she was a teenager, having trained the family to participate in agility competitions.

Our dog did not have a major behavior problem. He is and was a very sweet dog who listened inconsistently, stole food from the counters, and hated going in to his cage - he either refused or barked and whined the whole time he was in there. He did not need major behavior modification but needed to listen consistently, come when called, and be trusted not to steal food.

Isys is one of the few trainers who will do a "boot-camp" style training who does not use shock collars. For me this was important because I need to be able to control my dog and can't hold a remote in my hand 24/7. In addition we have an electric dog fence and two collars are just too much for him to wear. Isys uses repetition and positive reinforcement and by being consistent our dog came back a better listener. As I type this he has been waiting patiently in his crate for ten minutes, with the door open, to be allowed to leave. I wish I could post a picture to prove it!

Over the ten day period when Isys had my dog she updated me with pictures and videos on his progress. It was clear from her pictures and updates that our dog was happy and having fun while training. He was with other dogs at times which helped him obey even when distracted. We had coordinated the training to align with a vacation so it was nice to know that our dog was having a great holiday as well.
Isys also has incredible follow through. After dropping my dog back off at home, she spent about an hour going over what he had learned with us. A few weeks later when I was not having as much success as Isys had had, she came back and trained him again at my house. She also offered and will be coming back again to train my three young children on how to maintain the obedience training.
Isys is calm, upbeat, and very accommodating. I would highly recommend Isys for dog training." - Emily W. & Auggie ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆